Best Tool To Organize Your Sewing Machine Bobbins – Dritz Bobbin Box

I just started using these bobbin boxes and I am loving them.  Anything that helps me stay organized in my sewing room is a big bonus!  Now my bobbins stay organized and don’t unravel. I can easily grab the box out of my drawer next to my sewing machine when I need another bobbin.

We carry the Dritz Bobbin Box at the Quilted Turtle Online Quilt Shop.

10 Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns to Tear Into Today!

When I first saw a paper-pieced quilt, I couldn’t figure out how it was made. The geometric pattern seemed so intricate. It was not obvious, by looking at it, how it was constructed.  But I knew I would never be able to use such unusual quilt pieces and actually make a successful block.  But then I learned the paper-piecing technique and discovered how easy it was once I know how.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have made paper-pieced quilts, I have found some new patterns that you might like to try:

Hexi Tiles Foundation Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

32 Karet Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Scrap Medley Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Wonky Triangles Paper Piecing Pattern

Pinwheel Star Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Bookshelf Quilt Paper Piecing Pattern

Paper Pieced Tessellating Fish

Starry Night Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

Best Ergonomic Rotary Cutter – Blade Automatically Closes!

One of the most important tools any quilter owns is a rotary cutter.  I admit, I have several. This is one of my most favorites. The automatic closing feature is a huge benefit for me.  If you’re looking for a good all-purpose rotary cutter, this one is for you!

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11 Drunkard’s Path Quilt Patterns – Expand Your Skills With Curved Piecing!

One of the funniest names for a quit block is the Drunkard’s Path quilt block.  With it’s curved pieces, you can arrange the blocks into many different variations that can create a topsy turvy pattern.  This block gives you plenty of practice with curved piecing. Don’t be afraid to try curved piecing. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you will be able to take that skill and use it to make many different blocks that have curved piecing in them.

Here are a few books and patterns with variations of the Drunkard’s Path.

A New Spin on Drunkard’s Path Book

Modern Drunkard’s Path Quilt

Drunkard’s Path Baby Quilt

Drunkards Path Stepping Beyond

Traditional Drunkard’s Path Quilt

Lunar Eclipse Quilt

Curvy Curves Pattern

Broken Circles Table Runner

Circles and Crescents Quilt

Paradise Punch

Happy Trails:  Variations on the Classic Drunkard’s Path Pattern

Happy Quilting,


Easy Churn Dash Quilt Tutorial Using Quilters Magic Wand

There are some tools that are so simple, yet so valuable.  The Quilters Magic Wand is one of those tools.  In this tutorial, I show you how to make a traditional Churn Dash Quilt Block.  To make the half-square triangles, I use the Quilters Magic Wand half inch ruler.  It helps me piece accurate quarter inch seams.  Once you know how to use it, you will find yourself reaching for this ruler again and again!

Check out our online shop, The Quilted Turtle, for more great tools just like the Quilters Magic Wand.

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11 Churn Dash Quilts – Fast and Easy Quilts for All Skill Levels!

The Churn Dash quilt block is such a versatile and traditional block. You can take any of the patterns below, and depending on where you place your fabrics, and how many colors you use, the one block can create endless design options.  Or make them exactly as they are shown here!

Churn Dash Mug Rug

Nested Churn Dash Block Pattern

Modern Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

401 Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

Vintage Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

Liberated Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

Scrappy Churn Dash Table Runner

Dash Around The Churn Quilt Pattern

Your Turn to Churn Quilt Book

Happy Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

Shadow Churn Dash Quilt

Happy Quilting,


P.S. If you order a pattern from any of the links above, I do receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!



Get Your Sewing Room Organized with the Essential Sewing Caddies

Here is another item that I have been using in my sewing room to help me get organized, especially near my sewing machine. As we sew, we are constantly using different tools, like small scissors, bobbins and pins.  The Sewing Caddy holds my stuff, and helps me stay organized. Besides that, they are just darn cute! The caddy comes in an Owl, Lady Bug and Porcupine. You can get one today from the Quilted Turtle in the links below:

Lady Bug Essentials Sewing Caddy

Owl Essentials Sewing Caddy

Porcupine Essentials Sewing Caddy

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10 Applique Quilts – Great Inspirations For Your Next Project

Applique gives us much freedom of pattern.  There is so much we can do with applique that we cannot do with traditional quilt piecing.  Whether you like to do needle-turn applique, machine applique or raw-edge applique, your only limit in pattern-making is your own imagination.

Here are some great applique quilt patterns, some traditional, some non-traditional and some whimsical.

Wildflowers Quilt Pattern

Sweet Somethings Flower Applique Quilt

Whimsical Basket Quilt

Ocean Friends Applique Quilt

Poinsettia Applique Wall Hanging

Halloween Cat Applique Quilt Pattern

My Enchanted Garden: Appliqué Quilts in Cotton and Wool

The Best-Ever Applique Sampler from Piece O’Cake Designs

Baltimore Blocks for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

Floral Applique Lap-Size Quiltwhimsical

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P.S. If you purchase a pattern using the links above, I do receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!

Fast and Easy Scrap Quilt Tutorial – Use Up Those Scraps!

I love quilts that are made with just one simple block and, when set together, create a secondary pattern that is far more sophisticated than the original block.  That’s why I love this scrap quilt.

It doesn’t matter what colors are in your scrap basket, with this quilt you will Use Them All!

Here is information on the ruler I show in the video. We carry this in our online shop The Quilted Turtle.

The Cutting Edge Sharpening Ruller 6 1/2″ x 18 1/2″


12 Quilted Table Runners – Make One This Weekend!

Table runners are a great way to decorate your home. You can use them on dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables, under lamps, on dressers, and more! Table runners give you a way to change out a little bit of color in a room each season or when you just need a change, a fresh look.

A table runner is an easy way to try out a quilt pattern without having to make a whole quilt.  If I make a table runner, and find I like the pattern, I will then go ahead and make the whole quilt. If I find I didn’t have fun working on the pattern, I finish the table runner, and move on to another pattern.

Table runners make great gifts. Keep a few on hand, and you’ll always have a gift, even for unexpected gift-giving events.

Chevron Table Runner

Simply Helixed Charm Pack Table Runner

Mini Charmer Table Runner

Jewel Table Runner

Table Charm 2: A jelly roll pattern

Batik Scrappy Table Runner

Maple Leaf Table Runner

Fresh Squeezed Table Runner

Midnight Frost Table Runner

Candy Table Runner

Christmas Ornament Table Runner

Thankful Harvest Table Runner

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P.S. If you purchase a pattern form the links above, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.