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All About Quilt Show News

Deborah Richmond started Quilt Show News in 2012, and the website has seen fast-track growth every month since its inception.

Quilt Show News reports on quilt shows, big and small. The site includes a state-by-state quilt show directory. Deborah shares her quilting experience from the quilter’s point of view. She includes product recommendations and reviews because quilters are looking for good buying information on all sorts of quilting products and services.

We’re certain that Quilt Show News has something unique to offer your business to help you meet your marketing goals and to continue to drive the quilting industry forward.

Who Reads Quilt Show News?

Gender: Female
Age: 45-65

To date, there are over 21 million quilters in the United States alone. Despite the fast pace of life, people everywhere are making time to create masterpieces from fabric and thread and passionately engage in the art of quilt-making.

At Quilt Show News, we are quilters, and we know our readers. They have been quilting an average of 16 years, start over 17 projects each year, and spend many hours each month on their craft. Our readers are educated, passionate, active, and creative. And best of all, they spend money on the quilting products and services they see on our website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page every week.

Traffic Stats

Monthly Visitors 8,400
Monthly Page Views 17,200
Visitor Growth in 2014 Over 100%
(That’s right! We doubled our traffic in the first 7 months of 2014!)

qsn stats

Social Media Audience

Facebook Fans 1,155
YouTube Video Views 3,299
Weekly Newsletter Subscribers 1,464

Why work with a quilt blog?

Quilt bloggers provide immediate content for your products that is easily searchable on the web, broadcast to a loyal audience, and shared exponentially via social media.

In an increasingly web-driven world, quilters are turning to web-created content, and blogs are becoming a more prominent part of that space. Most top tier quilt bloggers have cultivated strong credibility, resulting in a trusting and loyal audience.

What matters is choosing a quality blog with a sizable audience, high traffic, loyal readers, and excellent written and video content that quilters find valuable. Quilt Show News has all of those, with content given from the viewpoint of a fellow quilter just like our readers.

Episode17ThumbnailWhy Work with Deborah Richmond and Quilt Show News?

Because we are long-time quilters. Deborah Richmond has been quilting for over 30 years. Her mother taught her as a child, and she has been quilting continuously ever since. Deborah knows what her readers want because she is a quilter just like them.

Because of our background in SEO and social media marketing. Deborah has years of experience in the online marketing world. She is the CEO of TekkBuzz Marketing,, which gives valuable online marketing training to small businesses. Deborah understands how to reach our readers through search engines and social media sites. As a result, she is able to create blog posts and videos that shoot to the top of search engine results pages. If you would like to be near the top for a certain phrase, she can make it happen.

Because our readers trust us. By building an intensely personal quilt blog and communicating frequently, both privately and publicly, with our readers, Quilt Show News readers have developed a trusting relationship with us. Our readers count on us to review products honestly and recommend the best.

Because we deliver results. Thanks to our reviews and endorsements, a number of readers have made purchases of products we have reviewed and recommended. Combine that with our content ranking high in search engine results, as well as a wide social media network, Quilt Show News has brought business to various vendors in the quilt industry.

Brands we work with

These are a few of the shops and companies who are working with us:

Fat Quarter Shop
Lovers Hearts
Hapy Apple Quilts
The Quilt House
It’s Sew Emma
Lark Cottons
Greeen Fairy Quilt Shop

Working With Quilt Show News

If you are looking for a way to reach more quilters with your products and services, contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together!

Editor, Deborah Richmond
49 Monroe Center, NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan
(616) 498-0289
Our YouTube Channel

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