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Amish Ohio Star Quilt – Great for Beginners!

I’m back from quilt camp and cannot believe how much I got done!  I was able to finish this Ohio Star Quilt.  The fabrics are a 6-inch bundle from The line of fabric is called Boundless, and the color way is called Crayon Box.

When these arrived, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. Then I knew I was going to do Ohio Star blocks. Once I had a few of them, I could see, with the luscious colors, all this quilt needed was a little bit of black fabric for the border to make these colors really pop!

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P.S. Craftsy is one of my favorite websites for video quilt classes.  And I’m starting to get hooked on their fabrics too!




Starburst Quilt Pattern – Use Those Scraps with Triangles on a Roll

I wanted to show you two more quilts I have made using Triangles on a Roll. I have been determined to bring down the size of my scrap pile and these quilts are great for using up those scraps, big and small, especially using my Scrapmaster method!

These quilts are made with 2-inch Half Square Triangles from Triangles on a Roll.

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Organize Your Sewing Table – Gypsy Quilter Sip and Snip Clamp

The table where my sewing machine sits is a small space.  That means I don’t have much room  around it for the tools I use. This handy tool, the Gypsy Quilter Sip and Snip Clamp, allows me to keep a drink right next to me without taking up valuable table space. Not only do I have a drink next to me, but it also has a reservoir that can be used for trash. I use it to catch threads and small scraps of fabric. I use mine every day. I always have a bottle of water sitting in my Sip and Snip.

Best Travel Cutting and Pressing Surface – Omnigrid Fold-Away Cutting Mat and Ironing Area

This Omnigrid folding mat and pressing surface is great for traveling, but I really started to see it’s true value when I began using it every day for my piecing. I sit it next to my sewing machine with a travel iron. Now when I piece, I can press every seam, and trim every unit.  My piecing is better when I use it this way.

Disappearing Quilt Blocks – Simple and Stunning!

I recently took a Craftsy class entitled “Simple to Stunning – Disappearing Blocks from PreCuts.”  I am a big fan of Craftsy video classes.  They have done a nice job with the viewing environment, not to mention fantastic teachers.  Instructor Angela Pingel does a great job of breaking down the steps to using disappearing blocks so that anybody can make them.

P.S. If you purchase a class from the links above, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.

Hand Quilting for Beginners – How To Hand Quilt Your Next Quilt

I fell in love with hand quilting years ago when I was a much younger quilter.  In those days, most people finished their quilts by hand quilting. The machine quilting craze had not yet begun.  That made no difference to me because I took to hand quilting right away.  My mom taught me when I was in high school. I remember getting up early before school so I could get ready and still have a few minutes left to quilt. Even today, I feel the NEED to get my hands on a quilt and put some stitches in. If I go a few days without the opportunity to quilt, I start to get wrestless.

If you’ve been thinking of learning how to hand quilt your first quilt, or if you’re pretty new to hand quilting, this video is for you.  You will learn:

  • How to mark a quilt
  • How to choose a quilt pattern
  • How to use a rocking motion to add several stitches at a time
  • What thread to use
  • Which needs to use

Here are where you can get the tools I mention in the video:

Pounce Pad

Full Line Fabric Stencils

Scarlet Today Needles

Leather Thimble

Darice Quilting Hoops, 14-Inch

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Big Stitch Quilting – How to Hand Quilt Using Big Stitch Quilting

I have fallen in love with Big Stitch Hand Quilting.  I love hand quilting, and I love embroidery floss and pearl cotton threads.  I’ve known for a while that Big Stitch is a way to combine the two. I have been waiting for the right quilt to try it on.  This quilt fit the bill.  It’s simple and I thought Big Stitch Quilting would add more interest. And I was right.  Not only is it fun, but it really added to the visual appeal of this quilt.

In the video I used the following products. Here is where you can get them for yourself:

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P.S. You can find more great products such as these at The Quilted Turtle Online Quilt Shop.

Best Sewing Machine Carrier by

When I saw this set of quilters luggage at the quilt show, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I’ve had my current machine carrying case for over 15 years.  It’s a little too small, and not made of the best stuff. So when I saw what was available from Tutto, I knew I had to give it a try.

I am happy to say that the luggage is exceeding my expectations.  Not only is it sturdy and made very well, but it also collapses so that when I’m not using it, I can put it away in my studio without taking up so much room.

I ordered the large sewing machine on wheels and matching embroidery project bag.  They travel very well together and allow me to bring all of my supplies with me and keep them organized as I sew at quilt camp.

You can find out more about Tutto sewing products at their website.

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P.S. Tutto sent me these to try out and review. I only recommend products that I think are top quality and that I use myself.  I am thrilled with the quality of these carriers and I know I will be using mine for a very long time.