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Easy Churn Dash Quilt Tutorial Using Quilters Magic Wand

There are some tools that are so simple, yet so valuable.  The Quilters Magic Wand is one of those tools.  In this tutorial, I show you how to make a traditional Churn Dash Quilt Block.  To make the half-square triangles, I use the Quilters Magic Wand half inch ruler.  It helps me piece accurate quarter inch seams.  Once you know how to use it, you will find yourself reaching for this ruler again and again!

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Fast and Easy Scrap Quilt Tutorial – Use Up Those Scraps!

I love quilts that are made with just one simple block and, when set together, create a secondary pattern that is far more sophisticated than the original block.  That’s why I love this scrap quilt.

It doesn’t matter what colors are in your scrap basket, with this quilt you will Use Them All!

Here is information on the ruler I show in the video. We carry this in our online shop The Quilted Turtle.

The Cutting Edge Sharpening Ruller 6 1/2″ x 18 1/2″


Quilters, Use Up Those Scraps! Beginner Friendly Quilt Pattern


It’s a proven fact! In my quilting studio, scraps multiply when I’m not looking!  But that’s not a problem for me because I LOVE scrap quilts. My first three or four quilts were scrap quilts made from scraps in my mother’s scrap box.  I think it is that beginning that has always drawn me to scrap quilts.  Sure, I have made beautiful quilts from three or four chosen coordinated fabrics. But it’s the scrap quilts that always draw me in.

I also very much like the use-it-up factor.  I’ve always loved using up something until the last bit off use is out of it. It’s so satisfying. When I make a scrap quilt, I know I’ve save money, and I’ve saved space in a landfill somewhere. Both of those ideas appeal to me. I’m being responsible and doing my part to wisely use the resources I already have.

This quilt is great for beginners. It’s wonderful for using up scraps. It’s a fast and easy quilt that you can make for family and friends, or to donate for a service organization.

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Big Stitch Quilting – Without Marking Your Quilt!

I’ve fallen in love with big stitch quilting.  There are many great reasons to use big stitch quilting on your next quilt. It is easy to learn and very forgiving. This is great for beginners. Accuracy is not necessary!  It’s a stress-free way to finish your quilt!

As seen in this video:


Big Stitch Needles

Bohin Leather Thimble

Glow-Line Tape 1/4 inch

Quilters Tape 1/4 inch

Oval Wooden Hoop

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Improvisational Quilting – Quilt Construction and Color Contrast

From my collection of Utility Quilts, I’ve chosen three that help demonstrate the use of color contrast in a quilt. We also talk about quilt construction. We can learn a lot from these utility quilts, concepts that help us when designing our own quilts.

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Snowball Scrap Quilt – Use Up Those Scraps!


Here’s the truth; my favorite types of snowballs are not those made out of snow. Even though I live in Michigan where we do know a thing or two about snowballs, it’s the Snowball quilt block that is my favorite.

This lovely scrap quilt is made up of Snowball quilt blocks and Nine-patch blocks.  So easy, and yet so pretty.  This is perfect for using up those smaller scraps! You have already paid for all of that fabric in your scrap basket.  It’ time to get your money’s worth out of every piece.

In the video, I used the Omnigrip 6 1/2 inch square ruler. You can get one at the Quilted Turtle Online Quilt Shop.

Improvisational Quilting – Free Form Quilting – No Corners to Match!

Have you ever wanted to sit down to your sewing machine and quilt, but you don’t have a project ready to work on?  Improvisational quilting is one of those techniques that don’t take much planning ot get started.  In this video I show you some of my Utility Quilt Collection, plus show you how you can create your own improvisational quilt.

You can find the rulers I use in the video a The Quilted Turtle online quilt shop. Just click the links below to see.

Omnigrip 5″ Square Ruler

Omnigrip12.5″ Square Ruler

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Freeform Quilt Tutorial – Easy with No Points to Match!

Freeform quilting is one of my favorite types of quilting. When I am tired, or just want a break from precision cutting and piecing, I turn to freeform quilting. I don’t have to measure hardly at all. There are no points to match.  I find this type of quilting very relaxing.

If you haven’t tried freeform quilting, this tutorial is a great place to start.

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Big Stitch Quilting is Great for Scrap Quilts – Try one, You’ll Love it!

Big stitch quilting is a great way to quilt a large scrap quilt. The colored threads and big stitches add a layer of interest to a quilt, even a busy one like a scrap quilt.  Big stitch is a great way to learn to hand quilt.

To see a tutorial on big stitch quilting, check out this YouTube Video.

To see the Big Stitch Quilting Needles by Pepper Cory, click here.