How to Promote A Quilt Show

Threadmongers color jpeg file resizeI came across this amazing blog post at Threadmongers is a great blog written by Judyjj from Sedro-Woolley, Washington. This excerpt below is from a blog post she wrote on how to promote your guild quilt show. I am only showing you a small portion of the blog post. You should read the whole thing. It goes into so much more information covering broadcast media, distribution of flyers, local organizations and more.

Bottom line, if you are helping promote your guild’s quilt show, you should read this blog post!

 Excerpt from

Let’s begin with the premise that people would like to attend your show but they have very busy lives.  So they need to be reminded often, to feel as if they are welcome to attend (even if they’re not quilters), and to relate something that is already important to them to your show.

1.  Remind them often
More is better.  The ideas listed below will work best if you use LOTS OF THEM.

2.  Make them welcome
The best way quilt shows “engage the public” is to use a People’s Choice voting mechanismand award lots of ribbons/prizes for the winners.  Tell attendees “we value your opinion” and give them a ballot and a pencil when they arrive.  Award at least some People’s Choice ribbons DURING THE SHOW so attendees can see results.  Say “thank you for coming” and use lots of welcoming signage at the show entry.

3.  Help them relate to the show
Quilters attend shows for inspiration and to see their friends’ work.  Use a labeling method  for the quilts that includes the quilter’s name, quilt’s name, cites the pattern source (commercial or “original”), and some text about the quilter’s reason for/inspiration for the quilt.

Non-quilters attend shows to see Mom’s/Grandma’s/Auntie’s quilt.  Yes, and to see Dad’s/Grandpa’s/Uncle’s quilt, too.  They want to see it and vote for it.  They want to take a photo of the quilt with the quilter standing in front of it.  Possibly with the grandchild for whom the quilt was made.  Make sure that there is enough aisle room in front of your display to allow for good photos.  And we all know the value of choosing a show venue with good lighting.

The pattern you’re seeing here is that PEOPLE ATTEND LOCAL QUILT SHOWS TO SEE THE WORK OF PEOPLE THEY KNOW AND LOVE.  Any way you can find to make that easier will make your show more popular and create more buzz.

One thought on “How to Promote A Quilt Show

  1. Kathy Hunt

    I am organizing a quilt show for our church to fund a person in Nigeria who trains widows to support themselves through sewing. I have never organized a quit show but plan to do so. We like the theme of “telling your quilt story”.

    I will be searching the internet for any and all ideas i can get.

    Kathy Hunt, Shiloh UM Church Missions


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