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Linda Carlson

Linda Carlson


When you are born a twin, people are always asking you, “What is it like to be an identical twin?” Linda Carlson says she does not know any other way to be or how she would get along without her twin. Linda was born six minutes before her sister, Diana Henage. She always felt it was someone to fight with although their husbands think they share a brain.

Linda would become a teacher of music education and then special education with a certification from the Library of Congress to transcribe braille. Diana would major in art. Together they would go on to develop “Grammie & Mimi’s Baby Geniuses!” fabric collections, produced by Benartex with colors and graphics that stimulate brain synapse growth in infancy through toddler stages.

Linda is known for her antique four block quilts. She has done extensive research and written articles and books on her research. She has even presented her findings to the Smithsonian Institution. Over the years her collection grew so large that she and her husband had to build a special room in their home to display them. She has donated close to 70 quilts to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.

Linda’s husband John has a named her art of quilt collecting “Quilticus Pathologicus”. It is the end stage of quiltmaking − you then start collecting antique quilts.






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