11 Triangle Quilt Patterns – Easy Breezy Quilts for Every Occasion

When I was a beginner quilter, I was always looking for new quit block patterns to make into a quilt. After many years, I realized that each quilt block is made up of simple units that can be arranged and rearranged in an infinite number of patterns. One of my favorite units is the simple triangle. I am always fascinated at the many many stunning quilts that can be created from such a simple unit.

Here are some great triangle patterns that I want to share with you. And some of them are free!

Hidden Hexagon Triangles Quilt

Wonky Triangles Paper Piecing Pattern

Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt

Triangle Mini Quilt Pattern

Scrappy Triangles

Dreaming Half Squares Triangle Quilt

Garnets and Rubies Quilt

Snail Mail Quilts

Tipsy Triangles Baby Quilt

Triangles at Play Quilt

Sunshine Serenade Triangle Placemats




P.S. If you order patterns from the links above, sometimes I receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash.

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