10 Paper Pieced Quilt Patterns to Tear Into Today!

When I first saw a paper-pieced quilt, I couldn’t figure out how it was made. The geometric pattern seemed so intricate. It was not obvious, by looking at it, how it was constructed.  But I knew I would never be able to use such unusual quilt pieces and actually make a successful block.  But then I learned the paper-piecing technique and discovered how easy it was once I know how.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have made paper-pieced quilts, I have found some new patterns that you might like to try:

Hexi Tiles Foundation Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

32 Karet Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Scrap Medley Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Wonky Triangles Paper Piecing Pattern

Pinwheel Star Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Bookshelf Quilt Paper Piecing Pattern

Paper Pieced Tessellating Fish

Starry Night Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

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