Quilters, Use Up Those Scraps! Beginner Friendly Quilt Pattern


It’s a proven fact! In my quilting studio, scraps multiply when I’m not looking!  But that’s not a problem for me because I LOVE scrap quilts. My first three or four quilts were scrap quilts made from scraps in my mother’s scrap box.  I think it is that beginning that has always drawn me to scrap quilts.  Sure, I have made beautiful quilts from three or four chosen coordinated fabrics. But it’s the scrap quilts that always draw me in.

I also very much like the use-it-up factor.  I’ve always loved using up something until the last bit off use is out of it. It’s so satisfying. When I make a scrap quilt, I know I’ve save money, and I’ve saved space in a landfill somewhere. Both of those ideas appeal to me. I’m being responsible and doing my part to wisely use the resources I already have.

This quilt is great for beginners. It’s wonderful for using up scraps. It’s a fast and easy quilt that you can make for family and friends, or to donate for a service organization.

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2 thoughts on “Quilters, Use Up Those Scraps! Beginner Friendly Quilt Pattern

    1. Deborah Richmond Post author

      You are a lucky quilter to be given scraps! And yes, Jelly rolls and charm packs are nice, but you certainly can make your own from your own fabric. Thanks for the comment! It means a lot to me.


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