12 Flying Geese Quilt Patterns – Make One This Weekend!

Flying Geese is one of those traditional patterns that can made into many many different types of quilts.  You can use the pattern to make a very old-fashioned quilt, or arrange the blocks into a more modern pattern.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Flying Geese Charm Mug Rug

Flying Geese Chase Quilt

Offset Flying Geese Block Quilt

Rainbow Flying Geese Quilt

Four Geese A Flying Quilt

Flying Geese Go Crazy Quilt

FlyingGeeseLogCharming Flying Geese Baby Quilt

Flying Geese Log Cabin Quilt

Wandering Geese

Flock of Geese Quilt Pattern

Geese in a Square Quilt

I’m Flying Quilt Pattern


P.S. If you purchase a pattern form one of the links above, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.

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