12 Star Quilt Patterns – some Traditional, some Modern, and some are Free!

wanderingHistorically, star quilts have been embraced by many eras of quilters and ethnic groups; Star quilts are loved by Native American quilters, African quilters, quilters from Texas, colonial quilters, and more.  Author Judy Anne Johnson Breneman has written an article on the subject of star quilts that you can read here.

I have always loved star quilts and still do!  I’ve made a couple star scrap blocks lately which got me thinking about stars again. Here are some star quilt patterns, some new, some old, some free!

Jelly Roll Star Quilt

Scrappy Ohio Star Placematsrandom

Double Sawtooth Quilt

Under the Stars Quilt

Stars Quilt

Star Candy

Uschi’s Stars Quilt

Random Stars Quilt

Star Stuff Quilt

Stars of the Heartland Quilt

Wandering Stars Quilt

Sea Star

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P.S. If you purchase a pattern from the links above, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.

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