10 Layer Cake Quilt Patterns for Beginners – Quick and Easy!

BellaLayer Cakes are collections of 10″ x 10″ squares of fabric made by Moda Fabrics. They are similar to a charm pack but a larger size. Layer Cakes are available by collection and typically include 42 pieces of fabric, though the number may vary.

And why do we love them?  Because each one is made from a specific fabric collection. Most often the fabrics all coordinate with each other.

Why is this good for beginners?  Because picking up a layer cake to start from greatly reduces the time it takes to pick fabrics.

Why do experienced quilters love them? Well, let me know tell you why I LOVE layer cakes.  As a quilter with over 35 years of experience, when I pick fabrics for a quilt, I get a pretty quilt, no doubt diamond labout it.  But picking up a layer cake to start from makes me move outside my own comfort level. The last layer cake I used had some lovely creams, greens, melon colors. But some of the greens were more lime color. This is a color I tend to shy away from. But because it was in the layer cake, I used it and it made my quilt really stand out from the others I’ve recently made.  Now when selecting fabric for my next quilt, I will be more likely to expand my focus and include some of those colors that are outside my comfort zone.  Anything that makes me stretch as a quilter is a good thing!

Here are some fabulous layer cake quilt patterns to inspire you, whether you are a beginner or have been quilting for years!

PopsDiamond Jubilee Layer Cake Quilt

Summer Popsicle Layer Cake Quilt

Ohio Starburst Layer Cake Quilt

Easy Layer Cake Quilt

Lemonade Lollipop Layer Cake Quilt

The Right Path Layer Cake Quilt

easy lAround the Block Layer Cake Quilt

Journey Layer Cake Quilt

Color in Motion Layer Cake Quilt

Bellla Notte Layer Cake Quilt

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