Best 10 Chevron Quilt Patterns

ChevronFallsA chevron quilt is one of those quilts that can look traditional or modern depending on the types of fabrics you use, and the size of the chevron zig zag. I love that kind of versatility in a quilt pattern. No matter how many of them I see, they all project a style all their own.

Check out these Chevron quilt patterns I found. Some are free!

Chevron Falls Quilt

Kiara Chevron Quilt

Simple Chevron Quilt

KiaraChevron Accent Quilt

Emily Taylor Designs Cheekly Chevron Quilt Pattern

Diamond Chevron

Chevron Candy Quilt

Sharp Chevrons Pattern

iHeart Chevron Quilt

Modern Chevron Quilt

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P.S. If you purchase a pattern from the links above, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.




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