Best Hand Sewing Light – Beam N Read LED 6 Now with Power Kit

I have showed you the Beam N Read LED 6 light before. This is one of my favorite quilting tools.  It allows me to sew in areas that are not well lit, and yet I can see my handwork perfectly because the light hangs around my neck.

There is now an accessory power pack, the USB/AC Power Kit, that allows me to plug in my light and save the batteries. This works if my batteries have just run out and I have no replacements. I can just plug in the Power Kit and keep sewing.  It also works if I want to use my Power Kit  and bypass the batteries to save my battery life for use later.

If you are someone who needs reading glasses, like me, you know that good lighting makes a huge difference in the ability to see your sewing in front of you.  I highly recommend the Beam N Read LED 6 with the USB/AC Power Kit!

Happy Quilting,




P.S. The people at Beam N Read gave me the light and Power Kit to try and share with you. I only recommend products that are really great and that I use myself. I can tell you I use my Beam N Read every time I sit down to do hand sewing!

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