November Give-Away – Beam N Read LED 6 – Deluxe Hands-Free Light


Quilt Show News is happy to announce its November Give-Away!! You can be entered to win the Beam N Read LED 6 simply by leaving a comment below on this blog post. Tell us, if you were to give this light to a friend, who would you give it to.

This is one of my favorite Quilters Tools!!! I use mine every time I’m doing hand sewing and quilting.

Quilters who comment before midnight Eastern time on November 25th will be entered to win. We do not ship prizes internationally, so this contest is open to United States quilters only.

Happy Quilting!




P.S. if you would like to order a light for yourself, and can’t wait for the Give-Away, I don’t blame you!  Go here to order yours today.


31 thoughts on “November Give-Away – Beam N Read LED 6 – Deluxe Hands-Free Light

  1. Pam Chaney

    I would give this light to my quilting friend Margaret. Even though we have never met face to face, she has inspired me to try new techniques that always seemed much too difficult for me. Meeting through the Quilting Board, she is a Native Texan currently living in Oregon, and I live in the Heart of Texas. Although separated by the miles, we communicate daily and she is constantly encouraging me challenging me to succeed. Her talent constantly amazes me and her quilts are beyond compare. I have very little to offer her that she doesn’t already have, but I feel this would be a perfect gift she would be able to use daily. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Toni Leli

    Love this lamp! My friend, Mary, just had eye surgery, but loves to knit. I’d wrap it up as a present and give it to her!

  3. Tina

    I would give this to my mom. She just had eye surgery and this would be a great help to her until her sight is back fully.

  4. Ann Schenke

    I would gift it to myself. My eyes are not as good as they once were and the more light, the better I can see.

  5. Mary Jo

    My best friend Nancy would get this light to help her see her projects better! Nancy hasn’t been quilting very long, but she has turned into a quilt magician! I have created a Quilt Monster!! We are both SOOOOO addicted to quilting!!

  6. Sharon Hughson

    I would give it to one of the ladies in the adult community needlecraft group. The oldest member is 93 and she serves coffee and tea to the rest of us while we stitch away.

  7. Penny Tourangeau

    I love to get the quilting information you send and this light would be perfect for me. I am old, 68 next week, disabled, and spend a lot of time doing handwork, i.e. knitting, quilting, plus reading.

    Thank you.

  8. Janet E

    I would give this to my quilting friend Barb. She is older and sure could use the extra light. However, I would like to keep it for myself so I could see better at night.

  9. Laurie Cormier

    I would give this light to the friend that has taught me so much about quilting and is the person that introduced me to quilting this past January, Lori Briggs. She has a great heart and is a very good teacher.

  10. Susan

    I recently bought one for myself and I love this light!
    I would gift this to the senior center for any one who sews, reads or just needs extra light on what they are doing!

  11. Joyce Mitchell

    I gave one to my Dad, & my sister has it now. So I’d give one to myself, because I have bad eyesight & can use all the light I can get. Thanks.

  12. Joanne

    My mom is 90 and has difficulty reading or doing craft work even during the day. I think she would appreciate having this light is I was chosen to receive it.

  13. Jan

    I would give it to my husband who loves to read at night and always complains about not having enough light. Thank you for the chance to win!

  14. Nancy Myers

    I have a friend who does embroidery and is in her 60s. I think this is a great looking project. I myself could use a focused light and the magnifier looks like it would help with my older eyes.

  15. Janice

    Actually I would love this for myself. I’m in my 60’s and it’s harder for me to do any type of handwork at night. During the winter months, if it’s cloudy out, it also hard to do handwork even during daylight hours.


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