New AQS Quilt Shows Means More Happy Quilters in 2014!

newquiltshowsAQS announced this week that it will be rolling out 3 more quilt shows across the country in 2014. I am really excited about this news because it means more and more quilters will have access to a large show nearby. This is great news for quilters and vendors and the hosting cities.

 I am pleased by the news but not surprised. In 2012 I had a chance to sit down with Bonnie Browning, Executive Show Direct for American Quilt Society, as well as other members of the AQS team. They graciously allowed me to ask them any questions I wanted about the new quilt show coming to Grand Rapids Michigan. As a long-time quilter, this was an amazing experience for me!

 During the conversation, they hinted that there may be more shows coming up in years to come. And now this week they announced that indeed AQS will be bringing internationally attended quilt shows in 2014 to Phoenix, Chattanooga and Charlotte.

 I can tell you that the show in Grand Rapids was a huge success in its first year. I watched with much anticipation as AQS worked with the City of Grand Rapids to do everything they could to make the show a great experience, and boy did they ever! Thousands attended the show, hundreds of quilts were hung, vendors from all over the country came in and sold out of merchandise before the show was even over. Every person I interviewed agreed the show had been a success.

 So to those of you in the geographical regions near Arizona, Chatenooga and Charlotte, congratulations! Quilters, quilt shop vendors, and the merchants in your city are in for a great time in 2014!

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