Are You Looking for Quilt Shows in 2014?

united_statesIt’s January, and if you’re like most quilters, you’re starting to think about the quilt shows you’re planning to see this year. I love this part of the year and the planning that goes into choosing which shows I’m going to see! The perfect place for you to start is  We’ve got lots of quilt shows listed by state. I am planning a Spring Break trip right now and so I’m going to be looking for shows happening along my route in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. If you too will be traveling for Spring Break or summer vacation, you can take a look at the cities along your route and find shows that are happening in those areas! And if you are in a guild or quilt group, and you’re planning a show this year, take a look to see if we have your show listed on your state’s page.  If not, hit reply and tell me about the show.  We will make sure to include links to your guild website, or contact information.  Quilters want to know about you!! Happy Quilting!

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