Improvisational Quilting – Free Form Quilting – No Corners to Match!

Have you ever wanted to sit down to your sewing machine and quilt, but you don’t have a project ready to work on?  Improvisational quilting is one of those techniques that don’t take much planning ot get started.  In this video I show you some of my Utility Quilt Collection, plus show you how you can create your own improvisational quilt.

You can find the rulers I use in the video a The Quilted Turtle online quilt shop. Just click the links below to see.

Omnigrip 5″ Square Ruler

Omnigrip12.5″ Square Ruler

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12 Star Quilt Patterns – some Traditional, some Modern, and some are Free!

wanderingHistorically, star quilts have been embraced by many eras of quilters and ethnic groups; Star quilts are loved by Native American quilters, African quilters, quilters from Texas, colonial quilters, and more.  Author Judy Anne Johnson Breneman has written an article on the subject of star quilts that you can read here.

I have always loved star quilts and still do!  I’ve made a couple star scrap blocks lately which got me thinking about stars again. Here are some star quilt patterns, some new, some old, some free!

Jelly Roll Star Quilt

Scrappy Ohio Star Placematsrandom

Double Sawtooth Quilt

Under the Stars Quilt

Stars Quilt

Star Candy

Uschi’s Stars Quilt

Random Stars Quilt

Star Stuff Quilt

Stars of the Heartland Quilt

Wandering Stars Quilt

Sea Star

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P.S. If you purchase a pattern from the links above, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.


12 Charm Pack Quilt Patterns – Charming Quilts to Make This Week!

charmingCharm packs are all the rage. When they were new, I remember seeing jelly rolls first. Then came the charm packs.  Before charm packs, many of us were making charm quilts, which meant something a little different than it does now. A charm quilt used to mean a quilt in which every piece was a different fabric, no two repeated.  Charm clubs would exchange 5-inch squares so that they  share and collect enough fabrics for their quilts. Since you were only going to cut one piece from it, you didn’t need very much. Five inches would do.

Since pre-cuts came out, charm packs have included 5-inch squares of several coordinating fabrics from the same line by the same designer. They are still the 5 inches, just as the groups used to swap, but there are some repeats in the packs. charmlane Because all fabrics come from one line, they usually make a stunning quilt. I love to use pre-cuts when I don’t have time to spend on choosing fabrics.

Here are some fabulous patterns that perfect for using your charm pack.

Star Cluster Charm Pack Pattern

Charm School

 Charming Quilt Pattern

Charmed Quilt Pattern

Basket Charms Quilt

Charming Diamonds

Charm Flys Quilt

Just Charming Quilt

Heritage Charm

Charm Lane Quilt

180 Charms Lap Quilt

Charmingly Crazy Quilt

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P.S.  If you purchase a pattern from the links above, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!


Threading a Needle – Tips to Overcome Vision Issues

My eyes are just not what they used to be. I used to laugh when my mother would hand me needles to thread for her because she couldn’t see things up close. I’m not laughing anymore. I have a terrible time threading small needles now. Here are the tools mentioned in the video. You can order them in my online shop The Quilted Turtle.

Beam N Read 3 light

Snip-Eze snippers

Thread Heaven

Super Bright LED Lamp

If your quilt guild is looking for an easy program, I offer Demo Nights where I demonstrate products just like these.  Find out more.

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12 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns – What Should I Do With This Jelly Roll?

vintageI have two jelly rolls of fabric that are waiting for me in my stash.  When I’m starting a new project, I consider using them, and then usually set them aside.  I find I need a pattern that is made specifically for jelly rolls before I will pick them up and use them.

Are you the same way? Well, we are in luck. There are tons of jelly roll quilt patterns out there waiting for us to download.  Here are just a few:

Jelly Roll Jazz Quilt

Domino Star Jelly Roll Quilt

Interlocking Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Roll Squares

Rock and Roll Jelly Roll Quiltjellyrolljazz

Legacy Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Marcie’s Maze

On a “Jelly” Roll

Royal Squares

Gypsy Quilter Jelly Jambalaya – A ‘Jelly Roll’ Log Cabin Pattern

Strip Joints Quilt Pattern, Jelly Roll 

Whirlygig Quilt Pattern


Freeform Quilt Tutorial – Easy with No Points to Match!

Freeform quilting is one of my favorite types of quilting. When I am tired, or just want a break from precision cutting and piecing, I turn to freeform quilting. I don’t have to measure hardly at all. There are no points to match.  I find this type of quilting very relaxing.

If you haven’t tried freeform quilting, this tutorial is a great place to start.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, you might also like the Starburst Scrap Quilt Tutorial.


12 Layer Cake Quilt Patterns – Fast and Easy!

brightestThis year I moved into a new house. And with a move comes moving my quilting studio.  It was eye-opening to realize about 50 percent of all moving boxes contained stuff for my quilting room!  But that’s where I spend most of my time so it actually makes sense.

Now I am working on getting organized again. I am putting all of my precuts in one area. Charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes.  I didn’t think I had any layer cakes left. I thought i had used them up. But much to my surprise I found two that are just waiting for a new project.

Here are some fast and easy layer cake quilt patterns I found that I might use for my layer cakes. I thought I would share them with you in case you, too, are looking for a good pattern to use those layer cakes.

The Brightest Star Layer Cake Quilt

cakeTo The Moon Layer Cake Quilt

Cake Blossoms Layer Cake Quilt

Easy Layer Cake Quilt 

Lemonade Lollipop Layer Cake Quilt

Golden Cake Quilt

Peanut Butter Pinwheel Layer Cake Quilt

Diamond Jubilee Layer Cake Quilt

Around the Block Layer Cake Quilt

Starry Night Layer Cake Quilt

Journey Layer Cake Quilt

Color in Motion Layer Cake Quilt

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P.S.  If you purchase a pattern form the links above, I may receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.


Big Stitch Quilting is Great for Scrap Quilts – Try one, You’ll Love it!

Big stitch quilting is a great way to quilt a large scrap quilt. The colored threads and big stitches add a layer of interest to a quilt, even a busy one like a scrap quilt.  Big stitch is a great way to learn to hand quilt.

To see a tutorial on big stitch quilting, check out this YouTube Video.

To see the Big Stitch Quilting Needles by Pepper Cory, click here.

summer b

12 Ideas for Wedding Quilts – Traditional Quilts Make Family Heirlooms

summer bMaking a quilt for a family wedding is one of the best ways to pass on a quilt as a family heirloom.  I find that, when a couple receives a quilt as a wedding gift, they tend to cherish it in the manner that a hand-made quilt deserves.  When I’m thinking about making a wedding quilt, I like to choose very traditional quilts. Nothing too outlandish or too bright.  I want something that is going to stand the test of time, that they will still love for years and years.

Here are some patterns that would make wonderful wedding quilts:

doubleSummer Breeze

Random Star Quilt

Floral Irish Chain Quilt

Nested Churn Dash

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Alex’s Wedding Quilt Pattern

Scarlett’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

With All My Love Quilt

Infinity Loop Quilt

Hearts Entwined Quilt

Hugs and Kisses Quilt

Sweetheart Heart Quilt