Popsicle Summer

Free Quilt Pattern: Popsicle Summer from Windham Fabrics

When I made this quilt, it was a kit that I purchased from Craftsy. I don’t think the kit is available any longer, however, Windham Fabrics is offering the free pattern on their website.

This is a nice quilt to make for summer.  The block is simple, yet the quilt has a sophisticated look due to the blocks being placed on point.

Download the free pattern and make your own Popsicle Summer Quilt.

Happy Quilting!




9 Modern Quilts to Make for Your Next Quilting Project

TiltedModernI recently attended QuiltCon in Austin, Texas.  Wow, what a show! I’ve been making modern quilts for some time, and it was wonderful to be at a show where every quilt was a modern quilt!  That inspired me to look this week for modern quilt patterns. If you’re starting to catch the modern quilt bug, here are a few patterns try:

Tilted Modern Quilt

Prism Modern Quilt

Garden Trellis Modern Quilt

Modern Geese

ModernLogModern Memory Quilt

Modern Log Quilt

Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt

Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics

Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks



Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern – Another use for your Binding Tool Ruler

I wanted to make this quilt because it is made for Jelly Rolls, and because it uses the TQM Binding Tool that I already own.  I am always looking for more ways to use the rulers I buy. Why not get the best value, right?   Well, I am pleased with how this “Weave” quilt pattern turned out. I used the Autumn Leaves Jelly Roll by Moda, and the TQM Binding Tool to cut the pieces of the star.

In case you missed it, I reviewed using the Binding Tool to make perfectly finished quilt bindings. You can see the video here. 

So, not only do I have a great tool for finishing perfect bindings, I also have a ruler perfect for this and other patterns!

Happy Quilting,



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10 Super Easy Patchwork Quilt Patterns

layercakeSometimes I just want an easy quilt to work on. Maybe I’m going to a retreat and want something relaxing to work on. Maybe I’m looking for a pattern for a quilt to give as a gift.  It’s nice to have a couple projects on hand for those times when you just want to sew without stress.  Here are some super easy patchwork quilt patterns that fit the bill.

Easy 3-hour Baby Quilt

Super Easy Flip Quilt

Easy Layer Cake Quilt

EasyModernEasy Going Modern Quilt

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt

Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner

Easy Strip Chevron Quilt

Easy Stained Glass Quilt

Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond: 14 Quilt Patterns from Quiltmaker Magazine

Simple Style: Easy Weekend Quilts

Happy Quilting!



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Best Tools for Organizing Your Sewing Area

After I’ve been working on a couple projects for a while, my sewing room begins to get unruly. Tools I’ve used are still out and not in their proper place.  They key to easily cleaning up my sewing room is that I have places close to my machine for all of those small notions and tools to go.  In fact, by keeping my organizers near my machine, I can put tools away immediately after I use them. This has made a big difference in the organization of my sewing area!

I wanted to share with you these tools that are helping me stay more organized. When my sewing room is organized, I can think better and can be more creative.  You might like to give these a try:

Bobbin Saver

Handy Caddy Tool Organizer, Clear View

Sterilite 3 Drawer Clear Mini Unit 20738006

Happy Quilting!


P.S.  If you’re looking for more helpful quilting tools, check out The Quilted Turtle online quilt shop. This is where I offer some of the other  tools I review.

10 Quilted Table Runners – Fast Quilt Projects!

RoseTablehave found table runners to be a great project for so many reasons:

  • They make great gifts
  • You get to try out a pattern without making a full quilt
  • Table runners don’t take as long to complete
  • They are a great addition to your home decor
  • They are an easy project to take to quilt retreats

ReversibleTableCheck out these table runners that just may be perfect the next time you need a small project to work on. And some are Free!

Winter Rose Table Runner

Midnight Forest Table Runner

Charming Chevron Table Runner

Patchwork Heart Table Runner

Reversible Table Runner

WindmillTableWindmill Table Runner

Simple Nine-Patch Table Runner

Spring Brunch Quilted Table Runner

Love Knot Table Runner

Twirling Quilted Table Runner

Happy Quilting!


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Free Scrap Quilt Pattern: Use Up Those Scraps with These Free-Form Stars

I like to organize my scraps by sorting them according to color and keep them in small boxes. My rule is, when a box fills up, it’s time to use some of those small scraps. That is what happened the day I started dreaming up the design for this quilt.  Blue is my favorite color. Since I use it a lot, the scraps pile up quickly. It was time for a blue quilt!

I love these free-form stars. They require no pattern. They use up scraps. And I can sew mindlessly when I’m making them,or, better yet, watch a movie on Netflix.  I wanted to share this technique with you so you too can use up some of your scraps and make some fun stars for one of your future quilts.

Happy Quilting!




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12 Easy Nine-Patch Quilts – Back to Basics and Beyond!

WindingNinePatchNine-patch blocks are so simple, they are perfect for beginners.  If I were to teach a new quilter, I would use a nine-patch pattern for the first block to try.  The block is so simple, yet a simple nine-patch can be designed to look sophisticated as well.  Those are my favorite types of quilts, the ones that are really easy but look more complex than they really are.

So with that in mind, I found some nine-patch quilt patterns that are perfect for beginners and also great for more experienced quilters too! And some of these patterns are free!

Winding Nine-Patch Quilt

BabyNinePatchBaby Nine-Patch

Mod Nine-Patch

Nine-Patch Quilt by Donna Westerkamp

Nine-Patch Cross

Shaded Nine-Patch Quilt

Apartment Nine-Patch Quilt

Daisy Patch Quilt

PatchesPlusPatches Plus Quilt

Nine-Patch Fun Baby Quilt

Nine-Patch Extravaganza

Carol Doak’s Simply Sensational 9-Patch: 12 Quilt Projects Mix & Match Units to Create a Galaxy of Paper-Pieced Stars

Happy Quilting!




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Machine Quilting with Aurifil Cotton Thread

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite projects I’ve been working on over the last few months. My “Star in a Star” Quilt started with an idea for using one of my favorite pattern-less quilt blocks to make a unique quilt.  What if I took a star pattern an made one big star out of a lot of little stars?  And what if I used only blue and white fabric?  “Star in a Star” is what came from those two questions.

Since taking a machine quilting class last fall, I’ve been crazed over the idea of quilting all of my quilts on my machine. I was itching to try out a full-size quilt on my new Janome machine.  And so I basted “Star in a Star” together and jumped in.  I wanted to use some new thread I purchased, Auriful 100% Cotton Mako 40 in silver.  I was hoping this would be a nice thread for machine quilting, and it was!  Aurifil Mako 40 is a thin, yet strong, thread that runs smoothly through my machine. I did not have trouble with breaking or tangling.  I will definitely be using this thread again in different colors.

I am always trying to challenge myself to be true to my own quilting, to design quilts that are uniquely my own.  I am feeling really good about trying new things. I highly recommend that you try some new techniques, even if you know you’re not expert in them yet.

Happy Quilting!

P.S. Aurifil sent me this thread to try. However, I only recommend products that I truly use myself and love.  This Aurifil 100% Cotton Mako 40 is definitely one I recommend and will be using more in the future!


10 Bow Tie Quilt Patterns

BowTieOne of the first blocks I learned to recognize and name was the Bow Tie quilt block.  This traditional block is easy to create and can look very different depending on the fabrics you choose.  If I am making a quilt for a boy or man, the Bow Tie block is a great one to use. When done in traditional blues and browns, it has a masculine feel. However, you can do the same pattern in modern fabrics and give it a modern spin too.

Here are some variations of the Bow Tie quilt block for you to try. And some of these patterns are free!

Bow Tie Quilt

Bow Tie Scrap Quilt

TraditionalBowTieSilk Bow Ties Patchwork Quilt

Bow on Top Baby Quilt

Beau’s Ties Quilt

Dots and Tots Quilt

Sew Easy Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern

Turning Twenty Bow Ties & Butterflies Book

Quilt Sensations Vintage Bow Ties Wall Quilt

3D Bow Tie Quilt Block

Happy Quilting!




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