Rave Wave Quilt with Stunning Hand-Dyed Fabrics

Starr Design Fabrics sent me this beautiful quilt kit to try and review for you.  I am pleased to tell you that these hand-dyed fabrics are absolutely beautiful!  They make the design just pop.  The placement of the colors is the secret to creating the pattern that seems to flow diagonally in the quilt.

But don’t be fooled. This is not a complex quilt to make.  In fact, it is made entirely of half square triangles which means this quilt is perfect for a beginner. It was super easy to put together.  I highly recommend you check out the Rave Wave Quilt Kit by Star Design Fabrics.

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P.S.  I only recommend products that I absolutely love, and I can tell you I LOVE this quilt kit!


10 Quick and Easy Four-Patch Quilts

ScrappyFourOver the years I have made a lot of quilt blocks. I usually think of nine-patches when I’m looking for a good quilt pattern.  I saw a quilt the other day that was a four-patch.  And it reminded me that nine-patch is not the only kind of quilt block out there. Four-patch quilts are good for beginners, and they can make a really stunning quilt.

So I started looking up four-patch quilts and here’s what I found.  And some of these are free!

Lucky Four-Patch Quilt

Scrappy Four-Patch Quilt

Four and Four Quilt

FourBetterFour Better or Worse Table Runner

Fat Quarter Four Step Quilt

Double Four-Patch Quilt

Easy Peasy Four-Patch Quilt

Fast Four Patch Quilt

Kaleidoscope Four Patch Quilt

Four Patch Slice Quilt

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Best Tools for Marking Your Quilt – Plus Quilters Preview Paper

When I finish a quilt top and it’s time to decide on a pattern for quilting, I get really excited!  There are so many possibilities.  My quilt top is pretty, but I know once I quilt it, the pattern and colors really pop.  A good quilt top can turn into a great quilt once the quilting is added.

The Ultimate Quilters Pounce is one of my favorite products for quilting because it IRONS OFF!  The newest tool I am showing in this video is the Ultimate Marking Pencil which also irons off. When you use it with the Ultimate Quilters Pounce, you have a winning combination that makes marking your quilt fast and easy.

But before I mark my quilt, I want to try out the pattern to see if it fits the quilt. I’ve just discovered Quilters Preview Paper, which allows me to draw the pattern and try it out on the quilt before I ever sew a single stitch. I am loving this paper and know I will be using it again!

Happy Quilting!




P.S. For more great quilt products, visit The Quilted Turtle Online Quilt Shop.


10 Tulip Quilts to Brighten Up Your Spring!

TulipquiltI have red tulips in my flower gardens that come up every spring. They are the first sign of color in my yard, and I look forward to them more than any other bloom all summer long. My tulips are only about two inches above ground right now, not yet ready to bloom.  I can hardly stand the anticipation!

Looking forward to those red tulips has me searching for spring quilt patterns this week.  Here are 10 I found that you may enjoy using for your next quilt project. And some are free!

Tulip Quilt

Tulip Time Table Runner

TulipTopperSpring Tulips Table Topper

Tulip Pillow

Tulip Garden Quilt

Tulip Field Forever Quilt

Bed of Tulips Quilt

Seriographic Tulip Quilt Fat Quarter Pattern

Tulip Time Quilt

Tulips in Bloom Spring Quilt

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How To Keep Quilt Colors from Running in the Laundry

It was the things quilters nightmares are made of. I finished this beautiful quilt, washed it, and some of the red and green pieces ran, leaving pink and green blotches of color in the white areas of my quilt!!!

Thank goodness for Shout Color Catchers. Pick up a box for your laundry room today! I will be using them every time I wash any quilt from now on.  They take up the extra dye in the water like magic!  I am still amazed at this wonderful little invention!

Happy Quilting,


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10 Easy Baby Quilt Patterns – Make one for your next baby shower!

BabyChainsThere’s nothing better than wrapping a new baby up in a new baby quilt.  I’ve made a few baby quilts in my years as a quilter. And every time I give one, I find the parents-to-be are delighted to receive the handmade gift. You can see them envisioning themselves holding their newborn in the pretty quilt, snuggling the warm bundle close.

I don’t have any baby showers coming up this spring, but I do like to keep a couple baby quilts on hand just in case.  If you’re looking for baby quilt ideas, here are some patterns that might catch your fancy. And some of them are free!

Baby Chains Baby Quilt

BabyBlocksBaby Blocks Baby Quilt

Hello Baby Quilt

Giraffe Baby Quilt

Let’s Play Baby Quilt

The Windmill Baby Quilt

Circles and Rings Baby Quilt

Boxy Rings Baby Quilt

Welcome Baby: 9 Adorable Quilt Patterns

The Big Book of Baby Quilts

Happy Quilting!




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Popsicle Summer

Free Quilt Pattern: Popsicle Summer from Windham Fabrics

When I made this quilt, it was a kit that I purchased from Craftsy. I don’t think the kit is available any longer, however, Windham Fabrics is offering the free pattern on their website.

This is a nice quilt to make for summer.  The block is simple, yet the quilt has a sophisticated look due to the blocks being placed on point.

Download the free pattern and make your own Popsicle Summer Quilt.

Happy Quilting!




9 Modern Quilts to Make for Your Next Quilting Project

TiltedModernI recently attended QuiltCon in Austin, Texas.  Wow, what a show! I’ve been making modern quilts for some time, and it was wonderful to be at a show where every quilt was a modern quilt!  That inspired me to look this week for modern quilt patterns. If you’re starting to catch the modern quilt bug, here are a few patterns try:

Tilted Modern Quilt

Prism Modern Quilt

Garden Trellis Modern Quilt

Modern Geese

ModernLogModern Memory Quilt

Modern Log Quilt

Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt

Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take You Beyond the Basics

Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks



Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern – Another use for your Binding Tool Ruler

I wanted to make this quilt because it is made for Jelly Rolls, and because it uses the TQM Binding Tool that I already own.  I am always looking for more ways to use the rulers I buy. Why not get the best value, right?   Well, I am pleased with how this “Weave” quilt pattern turned out. I used the Autumn Leaves Jelly Roll by Moda, and the TQM Binding Tool to cut the pieces of the star.

In case you missed it, I reviewed using the Binding Tool to make perfectly finished quilt bindings. You can see the video here. 

So, not only do I have a great tool for finishing perfect bindings, I also have a ruler perfect for this and other patterns!

Happy Quilting,



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10 Super Easy Patchwork Quilt Patterns

layercakeSometimes I just want an easy quilt to work on. Maybe I’m going to a retreat and want something relaxing to work on. Maybe I’m looking for a pattern for a quilt to give as a gift.  It’s nice to have a couple projects on hand for those times when you just want to sew without stress.  Here are some super easy patchwork quilt patterns that fit the bill.

Easy 3-hour Baby Quilt

Super Easy Flip Quilt

Easy Layer Cake Quilt

EasyModernEasy Going Modern Quilt

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt

Easy Patriotic Star Table Runner

Easy Strip Chevron Quilt

Easy Stained Glass Quilt

Easy Quilts for Beginners and Beyond: 14 Quilt Patterns from Quiltmaker Magazine

Simple Style: Easy Weekend Quilts

Happy Quilting!



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