12 Traditional Patchwork Quilt Block Patterns

Some of my favorite quilt blocks are the traditional blocks that have been put into quilts for many many years. I have been looking at some patterns of some of my favorites and wanted to share them with you. These can all by found online. Many of them are free!

churndashChurn Dash

Jacob’s Ladder

Ohio Star

Log Cabin

Bear Paw

Bow Tie

Broken Dish

cardtrickCard Trick

Courthouse Steps

Drunkard’s Path

Dresden Plate

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P.S.  Many of these patterns are free. There are some that are for sale for a small fee. (If you purchase a pattern from a link above I do receive a small commission.  Thank you for contributing to my Fabric Stash Fund.}


A Fast and Easy Scrap Quilt to Make and Use Up Those Scraps!

I love scraps and I love scrap quilts. The more I sew, the more scraps I accumulate. But once in a while it’s time to bring the size of my scrap basket down. That was the case this week. So I started looking for a scrap quilt idea that would be fast and easy.

I have been using Pinterest more and more, and found a quilt that looked simple to make, but gave a more complex look. Always my favorite kind!

This video shows you exactly how to make these simple blocks and create this quilt. I think the style would be great to give to a boy or man as a gift.

To make this quilt, you will need a quilt ruler that has 45 degree angle demarcations.  I recommend the Quilter’s Rule Original Ruler 6.5×24″ Black. If you are a beginner and do not have one of these rulers, get one right away!  You will use it on every quilt you make!

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P.S. If you purchase a ruler with the link above, I do receive a small commission. I promise, I only recommend products that I use and know are a really good value!

AQS Quilt Show Chattanooga, TN – 2014 – What You Need to Know


September 10-13, 2014

QuiltWeek Hours

Wed.–Fri., 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sat., 9:00am – 5:00pm

chattanooga 2014Chattanooga Convention Center
1150 Carter St
Chattanooga, TN 37401

The Chattanooga Quilt Show is just around the corner.  If you’re going, here is some of the information you will need to know.


To book a room for the Chattanooga Quilt Show, go to this link.  This service books rooms in dozens of hotels in the Chattanooga area, and you will get a discounted rate especially for quilters if you use this service to book your room.

Tickets Can be Purchased at the Show

Daily Admission
Members $11/ Retail $14

2-Day Admission
Members $20/ Retail $25

Multi-Day Admission
Members $25/Retail $35


Directions to the Show

There is a handy tool for you to use for directions and a map to get to the show.  For directions to the show, go to the AQS Chattanooga page and click the Directions tab.  You will then enter your location, and will be given directions from your location to the quilt show.

For your convenience, download a map of downtown Chattanooga here.

Chattanooga Special Exhibits

Don’t miss these special exhibits while at the show.  There is a lot of variety and you will find something for everyone!

Modern Quilt Challenge
Caohagan Exhibit 22 quilts
SAQA Masters II Exhibit
Stitch Like an Egyptian
New Quilts from an Old Favorite – Carolina Lily / National Quilt Museum
Pilgrim/Roy Challenge 2015
Quilted In Honor
Badass Quilters Exhibit
Cow Stampede
Melody Johnson
AQS Authors’ Exhibit

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P.S.  For any other questions about the show, go to AQS Quilt Week Chattanooga.


How I Made My First Lemoyne Star Quilt Block

I am proud to tell you that I have made my first Lemoyne Star Quilt Block.  Even though I have been quilting for over 30 years, this is one block I have never attempted.  Matching points has never been my strong suit. So whenever I would see this pattern, I would think “That’s pretty, but I’m never going to be able to match all of those points”.  But I’ve done it!  And here’s how.

I have been working through the Craftsy free video class, 2013 Block of the Month Class.  Sampler quilts and block-of-the-month quilts cause me to step outside of my comfort one occasionally.  As a quilter, this is a good thing because it gives you the push you need to try something new and practice new skills.

That’s what happened with this block. I would never choose this one myself, but here it is in this quilt.  So I jumped in and figured I would give it my best shot.  And guess what!? I was able to put this block together correctly the First Time!  No ripping and resewing!  I’m still amazed at how well it turned out. The only reason it did is because I was able to follow along with my video class as quilt instructor Laura Knownes walked me through the process step by step.  My iPad sat right next to me as I sewed. And because I can watch the video as many times as I want, I was able to rewatch the points that I needed to slow down the process.  It worked like a charm.

If you would like to make this quilt along with me, go to Craftsy and sign up for a free account. Once you do, you can then sign up for the class for Free!  You will not pay a cent to get full access to these patterns and videos. I highly recommend it!

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P.S. If you sign up for the class using the links above, I do receive a small commission.  Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.


Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

KissingFishBabyQuiltAre you looking for fast easy baby quilt patterns?  I have found a few I want to share with you.  And some are FREE!

Kissing Fish Baby Quilt

Disappearing Nine Patch Baby Quilt

Star Bright Quilt Pattern

Best of Fons and Porter Baby and Kids Quilts

Quilts for Baby

Quilt Essential Quilts – Sweet Appeal

24 Hour Baby Quilts

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P.S.  If you purchase patterns from the links above, I do receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!









How to Make a Strippy Spools Quilt Block

The video shows you how to put together a Strippy Spools Quilt Block, which is part of the series I am making with the Free Craftsy Quilt Class 2013 Block of the Month Series.  This block was easy to make.  Even though it looks complicated, it really isn’t . I would recommend this block for beginners as well as more advanced quilters.

If you are going to make this block, you will need a quilters ruler with a 45 degree demarcation on it.  I recommend the Omnigrid 8.5 Inch by 24 Inch Quilters Ruler.   If you are a new quilter and do not have this type of quilters ruler, I highly recommend you get one right away. You will use it over and over and over!

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P.S. If you sign up for the class or purchase the ruler from the links above, I will receive a small commission.  Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!


Grand Rapids AQS Quilt Show – Eating on a Budget in Grand Rapids

XO FOODThe Grand Rapids Quilt Show is fast approaching. If you are looking to spend more money on fabric, and less money on food, I have great news for you! My office is in downtown Grand Rapids. So this show is literally two blocks from where I work every day! Because I am in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, I can give you the inside scoop on where to get great meals. These are the places I am going to take my Mom during the show because I know we can get good food at an affordable price.

All of the restaurants on this list are 1, 2, or 3 blocks from the DeVos Center where the show is being held.

To get to any of these restaurants, you can obtain directions from the information booth at the DeVos Center, or download this map from the Experience Grand Rapids website to print and bring with you.


Panera – 99Monroe Avenue

For breakfast, we are going to head to Panera for bagels, danishes, and coffee. Panera is one block away so we won’t have to get up too early to get our breakfast.

SunDance Grill – 151 Ottawa Avenue

Or we may go to SunDance Grill. They serve hearty breakfasts if you’re looking for a full breakfast. They are one block from the quilt show. They also serve good lunches and dinners.



For lunch, last year the DeVos Center had a lunch area that served several types of good food choices. It was nice to not leave the venue during the day, and instead eat in the venue and get back to the expo floor! If we want another option, these are the restaurants nearby that have fast counter service, and seating in the restaurant.

Donk’s Mexican Joint – Monroe Avenue

If we do decide to venture out for lunch, we may eat at Donk’s Mexican Joint. It’s not fancy, but I can tell you the food is very good for an affordable price. It is also directly across Monroe Avenue, so it’s one of the closest places to pick up a quick lunch.

Freshli – Ottawa Avenue in the McKay Tower

The other choice for lunch is Freshli. This is a fast lunch place that offers healthy choices such as salads, wraps, soups, etc. This is a favorite of the downtown lunch crowd looking for something good and healthy to eat that won’t take long.

Parsely Mediterranean Grill – Monroe Center

Another healthy choice is just two blocks from the venue. Parsley’s is a good Mediterranean restaurant serving all of the usual favorites. They usually have a lunch special that is a hearty lunch for a special price. Don’t forget to order some hummus!



There are several choices that we might choose for lunch or dinner that are nice, sit-down restaurants that won’t gouge your budget. These are all of my favorites and I haven’t decided yet which ones to take Mom to:

XO- Monroe Center

Three blocks from the venue, and worth the five-minute walk. XO offers excellent Chines and Thai food, plus Sushi. The dinners are large and very affordable. The service is excellent. Ask for Cindy and tell her Deborah sent you.

Cinco de Mayo – Monroe Center

Two blocks from the quilt show, this Mexican restaurant has excellent service, good food, and large portions. They also have outdoor seating which is lovely on this quieter street.

Big O’s Cafe – Ottawa Avenue

Just two blocks from the venue, if you’re looking for a nice Italian lunch or dinner, Big O’s is for you. All of the pastas are wonderful. They also have really good pizza and everything you would expect from an Italian restaurant. The restaurant has a cozy charm, located below street level. So look for the sign and look for the stairway down to the restaurant.

Z’s Bar and Restaurant

When I’m in Z’s I feel like Norm from Cheers is going to walk through the door at any minute. This is a favorite spot for many quilters because it is so close to both the Amway and the J.W. Marriot. Located right between the two, it is one block from the quilt show. Mom liked this one a lot last year. Portion are good sized. They are known for their ribs but they have many other good old American dishes as well.



TGI Fridays – Monroe Avenue

You probably are familiar with TGI Fridays. What Mom and I did last year was walk over to get a liquour ice cream dessert. They are decadent and a nice way to unwind after a long day at the show. My feet needed to rest, and the ice cream desserts are wonderful.

Kilwin’s Ice Cream - Monroe Center

Kilwin’s is known for their Mackinac Island Fudge, Caramel Corn, Caramel Apples and Kilwins Original Ice-Cream! If you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied, Kilwin’s is the place for you.



Quilt Block of the Month – Spring Blooms Quilt Block

Spring Blooms is the name of this month’s quilt pattern.  This block is part of the 2013 Craftsy Free Block of the Month Video Class.  To receive the class and patterns, all you have to do is sign up for Craftsy for free, then order your free class.  You will receive immediate access.

The Spring Blooms block is a beginner level block. There is one technique of sewing partial seams which is very well demonstrated in the video. I continue to be very impressed with the quality of this video, and all of Crafty’s videos.  They are easy to understand and very thorough.  You learn as much in these videos as you would in a live class, with the benefit that you get to watch these over and over again! Are you making this sampler quilt too?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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P.S.  If you sign up for Craftsy through these links, I do receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!

Quilt Book Review: “Art + Quilt” by Lyric Kinard


Later this month I will be attending AQS Quilt Week in Grand Rapids. One of the classes I will be taking is “Art +Quilt: The Elements of Art for Quilters” by Lyric Kinard. I am super excited because a while back I bought her book “Art+Quilt” and love it! I can’t wait to meet Lyric at the event. and have her autograph the book for me. I also wanted to share this book with you.


Art + Quilt”, book by Lyric Kinard – Design Principles and Creativity Exercises

I bought the book when I first got interested in art quilts. This book is one of the most beautiful books I have on my shelf of quilt books. It is hardcover, 9 inch by 11 inches in size with 136 pages. The binding is spiral bound. I find this to be a big plus as you can lay it flat on a table and refer to it without having to continually find the page you’re working from. The images used in the book are beautiful and perfectly illustrate the concepts in the book. There are many images of sample works to get you moving in the right direction on the exercises.

IMG_0442[1]Who is this book for?

Art + Quilt is for the semi-experienced or experienced quilter who would like to start experimenting with art quilt concepts. It is also for the art quilter who would like a further understanding of classic art concepts, all of which are directly applicable to quilting.

This is not a book for someone who is just learning to sew and quilt. Knowledge and experience in basic quilt construction is needed to work through many of the exercises.

What’s inside?

“Art + Quilt” is arranged in chapters that cover different art concepts. I have never had formal art classes, so, for me, this book is a good primer on concepts such as principles of design, creative composition, texture, shape, line, color and value. This is not a book you read once, then put on the shelf. I won’t be working on the exercises from the beginning of the book to the end. Instead I will be skipping around and working on concepts I am most interested in right now. This is a book that is meant to be absorbed slowly and one I will be referring to over and over again when dreaming and designing a quilt.

The book is arranged with explanations of concepts, followed by small exercises in relationship to each concept. By first reading, then experimenting with the exercises, you will have a much better working understanding of the concepts outlined. The exercises are easy and straight forward, some involving a sketch book, some involving fabric and actual quilting small pieces.

How Much Time Do I Need to Work Through the Book?

IMG_0444[1]The only complaint I have about “Art + Quilt” is not really a complaint about the book. It is that I will need a lot of time to work through the exercises in a meaningful way. But that’s not such a bad thing. I intend to take the time to do the exercises more than once if I feel I need more work with a concept.

The sections on color is one I’m looking forward to most. These exercises I will likely work through several times. Color is one of the concepts I have been working on this year, trying to get more sophisticated in how I choose colors. With this book, I have a lot of material here to work with. (No pun intended!)

The links on this page will take you to Lyic Kinard’s website where you can purchase the book. Look on the right-hand side of the page for order information.  What’s really cool is, if you enter your name in the field when buying, it looks like Lyric will sign the book to you!

Happy Quilting,




P.S. If you attend the Grand Rapids Quilt Week Show, and you see me, PLEASE stop me and say Hi!! I’d love to see what you think of the show and, most importantly, if you’ve purchased any really good quilting stuff!



thumbnail 12

Block of the Month Quilt Block – Economy Quilt Block

I am continuing making the 2013 Craftsy Block of the Month Quilt. This class is free from Craftsy. All you need to do is sign up for free, and order the class which is completely free. Join the class and follow along with me!

The Economy Block is a little more involved than the other blocks in the series.  This block has some points that need to match.  Matching points is not one of my favorite things to do, but this block did give me good practice. And I know from experience that the more you practice any technique, the better you get. When I look at a quilt show contest quilt that has complex piecing, I know that the quilter has spent many hours perfecting that technique.  So it didn’t hurt me to reach outside my own box and practice some points.

I am pleased with how the block turned out and I think it is going to make a nice focal point in the quilt!

Happy Quilting,




P.S. You can find all of the videos in this Block of the Month series at my YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and you will see all of the latest quilt videos the next time you visit YouTube.  (If you click the Craftsy link, I do receive a very small commission from Craftsy.  Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!)