Make Fast Bias Binding For Your Next Quilt

When it’s time to put binding on a quilt, I find it a chore to cut the bias binding. First I have to figure out which angle on my ruler to use, then where to place it on the fabric to get started.

Cutting bias binding just got easier with this new bias tool ruler!  I tried it and I will never go back to the old way of cutting bias binding.  TQM Products makes a ruler that takes the work out of cutting bias binding.  Watch the video to see how fast and easy it is!  I’ve used the tool for two quilts already and will never bind a quilt without it again!  And an added bonus is that it folds in half so I can easily pack it for traveling!

Click here to order your own Bias Tool!

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P.S. TQM Products gave me the Bias Tool to review.  I only bring you reviews of products I use and know are going to be really valuable to you and your quilting. This is one of those products!


Fast and EAsy Scrap Quilt – Royal Squares Quilt Pattern

This Royal Squares Quilt Pattern is free from I have a lot of scraps left over from quilts I’ve done in the past. I am always looking for great patterns to use up those scraps, and this one was perfect for that purpose.

Royal Squares is a beginner-level quilt pattern. That means there are not many points to match and the block is easy to construct.  For the beginner, this is  an easy project that will allow you to be successful in creating a beautiful quilt. For the experienced quilter, this is a fast and easy quilt for those times when you need a quilt in a hurry and are short on time.

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Simple Quilt Patterns for Beginners

If I were to teach a new quilter how to make a quilt, I would choose:

1. A very simple pattern that does not require a lot of small piecing.

2.  A pattern that had very few seams and points to match up.

3. A pattern so simple that there were very places where it could go wrong.

I love quilting and I want every new quilter to fall in love with the process the way that I did when I first started over 30 years ago.

I’ve put together a list of beginner quilts that would fit each of these criteria. All are inexpensive patterns and some are FREE:

WonkyLogCabinWonky Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

10-Inch Squares Quilt Pattern

Fast First Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Pretty Pinwheels Quilt Pattern

Easy Beginner’s Baby Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

Stairway to Heaven Quilt Pattern

Step in Time Quilt Pattern

Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

JadedChainJaded Chain Baby/Lap Quilt Pattern

Strawberry Fields Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

Animal Crackers Beginner’s Quilt Pattern

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10 Christmas Quilt Patterns to Get Your Season Started!

It’s not too late to start working on a quilt for Christmas. Whether it is for you, or for a friend or family member, working on a Christmas quilt is a great way to get your season started!  We’ve found 10 scrumptious patterns for you to choose from. All are inexpensive, and some are FREE!

Christmas ArgyleArgyle Christmas Quilt

Christmas Cuddler Quilt Pattern

Christmas Tree Patchwork Wall Hanging Pattern

Rudolph Christmas Placemat Pattern

Irish Christmas by Donna Westerkamp

Christmas Santa Stars

Quilting for Christmas Projects

Christmas Sparkle Quilt Book

Holiday CheerOh Tannenbaum Wall Hanging

Holiday Cheer Quilt Pattern


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Best Tool to Help You Bind Your Quilt Perfectly!

When I saw this tool recently at a quilt show, I had to have it immediately! This Quilt Binding Tool makes that last step of binding a quilt so easy!  No more fussing and figuring, trying to measure binding so that you come out with just the right amount for a quilt.  This little tool allowed me to finish easily finish my binding and make it look so professional!

To order the Quilt Binding tool, go to:

Quilt Binding Tool by TQM Products

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P.S. If you order the Quilt Binding Tool using the link above, I do receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund!


Log Cabin Quilt Patterns You Don’t Want to Miss!

The log cabin block is one of the easiest blocks to learn to make.  What I love about the log cabin quilt block is that you can design so many different styles of quilts with this one block!  I’ve found several different patterns for log cabin quilts, and all of them are very different.  And some of them are FREE!

Bulls Eye Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

graceslogcabinGrace’s Friendship Log Cabin Block

Scrappy Log Cabin Star Quilt

Wonky Log Cabin Quilt

100 Any-Size Log Cabin Quilt Blocks Book

Scapolicious Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Country Log Cabin Lap Quilt Pattern

Pretty Pastels Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Barn Raised Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

trianglepincushionTriangle Quilt Pattern Pin Cushion

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Best Hand-Quilting Light and Best Travel Quilt Ruler!

I’ve got two new quilting products that I just bought and I just love!   The first is a light that will make your hand sewing so much easier to see.  The second is a travel quilt ruler that I am taking with me to all of my quilt retreats!
Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light; Extra Wide & Extra Bright Light from 6 LEDs Plus Clip-on Orange and Red Relaxation Filters

I use this light for absolutely all of my hand quilting and embroidery work.  I was having trouble with poor lighting and the need for reading glasses.  As I begin to use reading glasses, I have discovered that really good lighting makes all the difference. Without this light I have a trouble seeing to sew and thread needles. No problem threading needles with this Beam and Read LED light!

Fold Away Ruler

I can’t wait to take my new Fold-Away Quilters Ruler to my next quilt retreat.  I always worry that I am going to bend and break my ruler.  I have a chip out of the corner of my old ruler where I banged it on a door as I was bringing in all of m sewing equipment to the retreat. That won’t happen again with my new fold-away ruler!  I can’t wait to show my friends at the retreat. I suspect they are all going to want one!


How to Make a Tumbling Blocks Quilt Block

I have always considered Tumbling Blocks to be a difficult pattern to make.  It usually has several inset seams in its construction. However, in this version, construction is done in strips. This takes much of the difficulty out of it.  I am following the FREE Craftsty 2013 Block of the Month Class.  This is a series of wonderful videos that walk you through each block in the series.

I can tell you that I would not have included this block were it not for the excellent written instructions and video.  I watched this video twice through, once while I was cutting and once again while I was constructing the block.  There are many good quilting tips included in the video.

Sign up for the free class, and quilt along with me!

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Quilts for Kids – Patterns and Books For Your Next Kids Quilt Project

quiltsandtotesforlittelfolksMany quilters have learned to make a quilt because they had a special son, daughter, niece, nephew or grand child they wanted to surprise with a warm cuddly quilt.  I made quilts for my children when they were small, and some day will make them for grand children. (I’m in no rush, my children are only in their late teens!)

Whether you’re looking for a kids quilt pattern for a birthday or Christmas gift, we’ve got a bunch of patterns and books that you should check out, and some are FREE!


Tuck Me In: 18 Cute & Cuddly Quilts for Kids

Fons and Porter: Fun Quilts For Kids

Quilts and Totes for Little Folks

cutequiltsforkidsCute Quilts for Kids

Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids: 12 Friendly Designs

Growing Up Modern: 16 Quilt Projects for Babies & Kids

Go Fly A Kite Quilt

Play Quilts: Creative Activity Quilts for Kids

Butterflies Quilt

Lucky Ducky Quilt

Happy Quilting,


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Modern Quilt Patterns

FreshDiamondsModern Quilting is a style of quilting that I have watched developing for about 10 years now.  But most quilters are only just now hearing about it.  Here is the official definition according to Google.

Modern quilting is a fresh approach reflecting each quilter’s personality and personal style. Modern quilters embrace functionality, simplicity and minimalism, and use asymmetric designs in their approach. They reinterpret traditional blocks and patterns, and are often inspired by modern art and architecture.

My definition is any quilt that is  does not follow traditional setting patterns, such as 12 blocks with sashing and borders.  It’s a very broad term and can be applied in many different ways.  I love the modern quilting movement and am excited about the creative freedom it lends to each of us.

If you’re looking for some simple modern quilt patterns, we have found some for you to try. And many of them are FREE!

Fresh Diamonds

StepsInTimeStep in Time

Topiary Tiles

Oh My Stars

Dancing Stars


Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt

Steps to the Alter

Water Waves Quilt

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