14 Nine-Patch Quilts – Quick and Easy!

plusAs far as quilting blocks go, you can’t get more simple than a basic nine patch.  A nine-patch block is 9 squares sewed in rows of three to form the square block.  Nine-patches are great for beginners. They are also handy when you need a quick quilt for a gift. And, of course, they are wonderful for using up scraps!

This week I am looking for my next quilt to make using scraps, so I’m looking at lots of nine-patches. A few of these I shared in a previous posts, but I included them in case you missed them the first time.


Playing With Nine Patches

Nostalgic Nine-Patch

Rainbow Nine-Patch Quilt

Is That a Nine Patch? Quilt Pattern

Winding Nine-Patch Quilt

Baby Nine-Patch

Mod Nine-Patch

babynineNine-Patch Quilt by Donna Westerkamp

Nine-Patch Cross

Apartment Nine-Patch Quilt

Daisy Patch Quilt

Patches Plus Quilt

Nine-Patch Fun Baby Quilt

Nine-Patch Extravaganza




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Starburst Quilt Pattern – Use Those Scraps with Triangles on a Roll

I wanted to show you two more quilts I have made using Triangles on a Roll. I have been determined to bring down the size of my scrap pile and these quilts are great for using up those scraps, big and small, especially using my Scrapmaster method!

These quilts are made with 2-inch Half Square Triangles from Triangles on a Roll.

Happy Quilting,



Use Up Those Scraps! Magic Square Scrap Quilt

I am obsessed with Half Square Triangles this year.  I have tried every method on how to create them. Some are more accurate than others. For me, using the Triangles on a Roll is the best way because it helps control my quarter inch seam, and the paper acts as a foundation when cutting them apart. The cuts that are on the bias are less likely to stretch as I cut.

Magic Squares is one of my favorite scrap-busting quilt patterns. It is made with Triangles on a Roll 2-inch Half Square Triangle paper. I was able to really use a lot of my scraps on this one!



11 Quick Bow Tie Quilts That Anyone Can Make!

buttonsYou might think a Bow Tie Quilt Block would only be used for very masculine quilts, the kinds you think of when planning to make a quilt for a man or boy.  But somehow the Bow Tie block has transcended into other types of quilts. I can think of several baby quilts that have very successfullyl used the Bow Tie block to make a quilt that is sweet and adorable.

The Bow Tie block is a great block for beginners to learn. I have been viewing several patterns around the Internet. Here are some variations of the Bow Tie quilt block for you to try. And some of these patterns are free!

Charming Bow Ties

Buttons and Bow Tiescharmbow

Bow Tie Quilt

Bow Tie Scrap Quilt

Silk Bow Ties Patchwork Quilt

Bow on Top Baby Quilt

Beau’s Ties Quilt

Dots and Tots Quilt

Sew Easy Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern

Quilt Sensations Vintage Bow Ties Wall Quilt

3D Bow Tie Quilt Block

Happy Quilting!




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color triangles

10 Easy Triangle Quilts – Inspirations for your Next Quilt!

color trianglesThis year I’ve been working on a lot of quilts with triangles. I am fascinated with the versatility of the simple triangle. You can make an endless number of amazing quilts with variations of this one shape. I have completed several quilt tops this year that use triangles as the main unit. So it’s safe to say I’m getting pretty good at triangles.

I’ve seen some pretty great patterns and wanted to share them with you. And some of them are free!

Scrappy Triangles

Triangle Maze


Triangles Askew Quilt

Triangle Confusion Quilt123

Dreaming Half Squares Triangle Quilt

Garnets and Rubies Quilt

Snail Mail Quilts

Tipsy Triangles Baby Quilt

Triangles at Play Quilt

Sunshine Serenade Triangle Placemats




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10 Pinwheel Patterns for Spring – Quick and Easy!

purple This year I have gotten crazy for half square triangles.  It’s such an easy unit, yet you can make such complex designs with them.  The pinwheel pattern is a perfect example.  I think every quilter has either made a pinwheel quilt or wants to make one.

This is one of those blocks that, depending on the fabrics you choose, can give you dozens of different looks for your quilt.  It can easily be made by a beginner and yet can be incorporated into a sophisticated pattern by more experienced quilters.  Here are just a few patterns that show you how really different this quilt can look depending on the setting and fabrics.

pinwheel flowers PinWheels Quilt

Pinwheel Spinning Around

Preppy Pinwheels Quilt

Pinwheel Jam Quilt

Scrappy Pinwheel Flowers

Tutti Frutti Double Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheel from Laura Nownes

Pinwheel Sampler Quilt

Stars and Pinwheels Quilt

Pinwheel Boxes

Happy Quilting!




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10 Herringbone and Braided Quilt Patterns

IndieA herringbone or braid quilt is a quilt that is made up of diagonal piecing, and a chevron shape.  This pattern is a classic pattern, once that can be made to look more traditional or modern, depending on the fabrics you use.  The good news is that this is one of those patterns that looks complex, but really is not difficult at all!

I’ve found several variations of the herringone/braided quilt patterns that I wanted to share with you.

parquetThe Modern Herringbone Quilt Pattern

Herringbone Twin Quilt

Indie Vibrations Quilt Pattern

Mini Braids and Flowers Quilt

Layer Cake French Braid

Denim Twist Quilt

Let’s Play Baby Quilt

Quilt In A Day Eleanor Burns Patterns, Braid in a Day

The Ribbon Retreat Herringbone Quilt

Parquet Quilt

Happy Quilting!




P.S. If you purchase a pattern using the links above, I do receive a small commission. Thank you for contributing to my fabric stash fund.





Organize Your Sewing Table – Gypsy Quilter Sip and Snip Clamp

The table where my sewing machine sits is a small space.  That means I don’t have much room  around it for the tools I use. This handy tool, the Gypsy Quilter Sip and Snip Clamp, allows me to keep a drink right next to me without taking up valuable table space. Not only do I have a drink next to me, but it also has a reservoir that can be used for trash. I use it to catch threads and small scraps of fabric. I use mine every day. I always have a bottle of water sitting in my Sip and Snip.

6 Drunkard’s Path Quilt Patterns

ModernDrunkardsI love traditional quilt patterns just as much as the new modern quilts. Drunkard’s Path is a traditional pattern that can often look very modern.  It also is one of those patterns that can give you a complex looking quilt with just a simple block. Those are some of my favorites. Here are some Drunkards’ Path Quilt Patterns for you to use when making your next quilt. And some are Free!

Modern Drunkard’s Path Quilt

Drunkard’s Path Baby Quilt

Drunkards Path Stepping Beyond

Antique Drunkard’s Path Pattern

Stained Glass Drunkard’s Path Quilt

Traditional Drunkard’s Path Quilt


Best Travel Cutting and Pressing Surface – Omnigrid Fold-Away Cutting Mat and Ironing Area

This Omnigrid folding mat and pressing surface is great for traveling, but I really started to see it’s true value when I began using it every day for my piecing. I sit it next to my sewing machine with a travel iron. Now when I piece, I can press every seam, and trim every unit.  My piecing is better when I use it this way.