10 Fat Quarter Quilts – Loads of Great Patterns!

fourstepI don’t remember the first fat quarter I purchased. When I first started quilting, they didn’t sell fat quarters. You simply had to purchase a quarter of a yard. Quilters began asking shops to cut the quarter yard to be 18 inches by 24 inches to get a more usable sized piece to cut for patchwork.  And the fat quarter was born.

Now I have dozens, maybe hundreds of fat quarters in my stash.  And thankfully pattern designers are now making patterns specifically designed to use with a collection of fat quarters. Here are a few of the fat quarter quilt patterns I found!

Fat Quarter Four-Step Quilt

Phat Fat Quarter Quilt

BellaFat Quarter Pinwheel Quilt

Kite Tails Quilt

Tuscany Tile Fat Quarter Quilt

Journey Fat Quarter Quilt

Market Square Quilt

Going Dutch Fat Quarter Quilt

Bella Notte Fat Quarter Stars

Shadow Boxing Quilt

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10 Charm Quilts – Perfect for Charm Pack 5 Inch Squares!

basketI love picking up charm packs, and flipping through all the wonderful fabrics that are collected together ready to use.  In case you’re not familiar, a charm pack is a pack of 5 inch squares of fabric from one line of fabric.  This means they are usually well matched and look great together.  I have found some patterns that lend themselves very well to using charm packs. So if you have a charm pack, pull it out and take a look at these patterns:

Charmed Quilt Pattern

Basket Charms Quilt

Modern Charm Quilt

charmlaneJust Charming Quilt

Heritage Charm Quilt

Charm Lane Quilt

180 Charms Lap Quilt

Charming Geese Bag

Horizon Charm Quilt

Charm Dash Quilt

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11 Basket Quilt Blocks – Lots of Styles and Sizes

basketscrapBaskets are one of the most traditional quilt patterns, withstanding the test of time. They can be made with traditional fabrics, colorful prints. They can be filled, or kept simple with just the basket itself. It’s been a while since I’ve made a basket quilt. I thought it was time to see what patterns are out there and available. Here is what I found:

Baskets Mini Quilt

Tomato Baskets Quilt

Happy Baskets Scrap Quilt

Little Baskets Quilt

foldbasketLeslie’s Baltimore Album Basket Wall Quilt

Baskets on Parade Quilt

Folk Art Basket Sampler

Antique Basket Wall Hanging

Luscious Berry Baskets Quilt

Basket Sampler Quilt

Blue Baskets Quilt

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Big Stitch Quilting – How to Hand Quilt Using Big Stitch Quilting

I have fallen in love with Big Stitch Hand Quilting.  I love hand quilting, and I love embroidery floss and pearl cotton threads.  I’ve known for a while that Big Stitch is a way to combine the two. I have been waiting for the right quilt to try it on.  This quilt fit the bill.  It’s simple and I thought Big Stitch Quilting would add more interest. And I was right.  Not only is it fun, but it really added to the visual appeal of this quilt.

In the video I used the following products. Here is where you can get them for yourself:

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10 House Quilt Blocks Too Adorable to Pass Up!

TipsyOver the years, I’ve seen some really cute quilts made from house blocks.  Some have been very colorful. Some have had touches that are made to resemble the quilter’s house. Some are made for house-warming gifts.   Some are made by beginners. Some are made by experienced quilters.

There are lots of different ways to make a house quilt block. I have found a few I want to share with you.


house paperTipsy School House Quilt

Traditional House Quilt Block

Hillside House Block

Mini Houses Quilt

Paper-Pieced House

House in the Woods Block

Freddy’s House: Brilliant Color in Quilts

Where the Heart Is Quilt

School House Block

Tall House Block

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Fat Quarter Style – Book of Great Patterns to Use with Fat Quarters

I remember when fat quarters first began showing up in quilt shops. Yes, I’ve been a quilter that long!  I was delighted to be able to easily pick up a handful of pretty fabrics to add to my stash.  I’ve discovered a quilt book that is made just for those fat quarters, Fat Quarter Style by It’s Sew Emma.

I had some floral fabrics that I received years ago in a fabric exchange group. Over the last few years I’ve quilted with a lot of batiks. These fabrics never seemed to make it into a quilt.  I decided it was time to do something with them, and so I created this quilt from the book.

Many of the quilts in Fat Quarter Style are perfect for a beginning quilter, or if you just want to work on something that is fast and easy and beautiful.

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P.S. Go check out the book at It’s Sew Emma. And while you’re there, check out some of the other books and patterns they offer. This is a great online quilt shop to add to your list of favorites




9 Modern Quilts That Traditional Quilters Will Love

DiamondModern Quilting is a style of quilting that I have watched developing for about 10 years now.  But most quilters are only just now hearing about it.  Here is the official definition according to Google.

Modern quilting is a fresh approach reflecting each quilter’s personality and personal style. Modern quilters embrace functionality, simplicity and minimalism, and use asymmetric designs in their approach. They reinterpret traditional blocks and patterns, and are often inspired by modern art and architecture.

stepMy definition is any quilt that is  does not follow traditional setting patterns, such as 12 blocks with sashing and borders.  It’s a very broad term and can be applied in many different ways.  I love the modern quilting movement and am excited about the creative freedom it lends to each of us.

If you’re looking for some simple modern quilt patterns, we have found some for you to try. And many of them are FREE!

Fresh Diamonds

Step in Time

Topiary Tiles

illusionOh My Stars

Dancing Stars


Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt

Steps to the Alter

Water Waves Quilt

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P.S. If you sign up for Craftsy, it is completely FREE!  Many of these patterns are free as well!


Best Sewing Machine Carrier by Tutto.com

When I saw this set of quilters luggage at the quilt show, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I’ve had my current machine carrying case for over 15 years.  It’s a little too small, and not made of the best stuff. So when I saw what was available from Tutto, I knew I had to give it a try.

I am happy to say that the luggage is exceeding my expectations.  Not only is it sturdy and made very well, but it also collapses so that when I’m not using it, I can put it away in my studio without taking up so much room.

I ordered the large sewing machine on wheels and matching embroidery project bag.  They travel very well together and allow me to bring all of my supplies with me and keep them organized as I sew at quilt camp.

You can find out more about Tutto sewing products at their website.

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P.S. Tutto sent me these to try out and review. I only recommend products that I think are top quality and that I use myself.  I am thrilled with the quality of these carriers and I know I will be using mine for a very long time.


9 Applique Quilt Patterns for Your Next Project

Applique quilting is a very traditional form of quilting. Applique refers to attaching one fabric on to another to produce a decorative pattern. There are many types of applique; hand applique, machine applique, raw edge applique, freezer paper applique, needle turn applique, just to name a few.

If you have never tried applique before and are ready to give it a try, or if you are an experiened applique quilter looking for new patterns to try, we have collected some patterns and books that could be your next project.

Autumn Flight Table Runner

whig roseApplique Quilt Whig Rose Pattern

Cat Applique Quilt Pattern

My Enchanted Garden: Appliqué Quilts in Cotton and Wool

The Best-Ever Applique Sampler from Piece O’Cake Designs

Baltimore Blocks for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

New Ideas in Applique

“Believe” Pillow Applique

Floral Applique Lap-Size Quilt

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Great Beginners Quilt for Charm Squares or Scraps!

Years ago I belonged to a fat quarter swap group that met every month.  Every month we would bring a different genre of fabrics to swap.  One month, the category was “Florals”.  I took 12 fat quarters of my favorite floral, and received 12 fat quarters of 12 different floral fabrics.  This was a great way to expand my fabric collection and a great way to make quilting friends. The women in that group are still good friends today, years later.

I have never used these florals for any of my quilts. For years, I worked only in batiks and hand-dyed fabrics. And florals weren’t a good fit.  This month I decided it was time to use those fabrics, and I started looking for a good pattern that would really show them off.  I found an easy pattern in the book Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm Quilts.  I love this book because it has easy patterns that are perfect for using those precuts I pick up at my mom’s quilt shop and at quilt shows.  I have discovered that this particular pattern worked very well as a scrap quilt to use these floral fabrics.

This quilt top turned out even better than I had pictured it.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  I would highly recommend this book, and I highly recommend this pattern for beginners.

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P.S. Find Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm Quilts and more great quilt books and quilting tools at my online shop The Quilted Turtle.  I put only the items I really use and really love in the online quilt shop. All of my favorites are there!