Best LED Light for Your Sewing Machine: I Can See Clearly Now!

As I get older, I have trouble seeing things that are close up.  Not an unusual condition, I know.  What that means is that everywhere I go, I want more lighting. If the lighting is dim, I will have trouble seeing small things close. If the lighting is nice and bright, I have a better chance of seeing all the details clearly.

My partner, Steve, knows this about me. I go through the house turning on every light I can. I feel so much better once I can see well. The same thing is true for my sewing. I don’t want to strain to see when I’m sewing at my machine.  The Mighty Bright LED Portable Light allows me to stop straining to see. I can see everything so much better when I use it!  And I love the fact I can take it off when I’m traveling so my sewing machine still fits in its case.

If you’re having trouble seeing clearly, like me, check out this inexpensive solution, the Mighty Bright LED Portable Light.

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Best 10 Chevron Quilt Patterns

ChevronFallsA chevron quilt is one of those quilts that can look traditional or modern depending on the types of fabrics you use, and the size of the chevron zig zag. I love that kind of versatility in a quilt pattern. No matter how many of them I see, they all project a style all their own.

Check out these Chevron quilt patterns I found. Some are free!

Chevron Falls Quilt

Kiara Chevron Quilt

Simple Chevron Quilt

KiaraChevron Accent Quilt

Emily Taylor Designs Cheekly Chevron Quilt Pattern

Diamond Chevron

Chevron Candy Quilt

Sharp Chevrons Pattern

iHeart Chevron Quilt

Modern Chevron Quilt

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Baby Quilt Log Cabin Scrap Quilt – a no-stress technique to use those scraps!

I sort my scraps according to color and keep them in drawers in my sewing room. When one of the drawers begins to overflow, it’s time to make a scrap quilt!

This month, the reds were starting to pile up so it was time.  I decided to make a no-stress Log Cabin Quilt. I decided to make it a baby quilt to keep on hand.  I may give it as a gift or I may give it to a charity. I haven’t decided yet but when I need a baby quilt, I have one.

It’s so satisfying to use up those scraps!   I hope you enjoy this no-stress way of making a log cabin block that requires no measuring.  I love this type of relaxed quilting and hope you will too!

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10 Spring Quilts Patterns to Warm Up the Season

SpringBlossomWhen you live in a northern climate, like I do in Michigan, you know that looking forward to Spring can be a long waiting haul.  But that long wait makes Spring so much sweeter!   Finally our temperatures are warming up and I see some leaves on the trees. I’m in the mood for making a Spring quilt.  If you are too, here are some patterns that will help you warm up your Spring. I found quilts, table toppers, place mats, mug rugs and wall hangings!

Spring Blossom Quilt

Spring Wall Hanging

lambsSpring Lambs Mug Rug

Early Spring Throw Quilt

Spring Birds Mug Rug

Spring Tulips Table Topper and Place Mats

Yellow Spring Flower Table Runner

Northwest Spring Wall Hanging

Spring is Here Quilt

Spring Cleaning Scrap Quilt

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Easy Quilts for a Beginner – “Fabulously Fast Quilts” by Amy Smart

This quilt started with a charm pack that I had, but didn’t know what I was going to use it for.

When I picked up Amy Smart’s “Fabulously Fast Quilts”, this one jumped out at me and I knew it would be perfect for this charm pack of Fossil Ferns.

This quilt is called “Fast Four-Patch” and was super fast to put together. Great for a beginner!

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9 Traditional Quilt Block Quilts – Everything Old is New Again

SamplerThere is a lot of buzz today about modern quilts, but I still love traditional quilt blocks. Don’t get me wrong. I love modern quilts. But I return to the traditional blocks again and again. They are the blocks I learned when I first started quilting.

Trajditiona blocks are those that have been around for years. You can take one traditional block, ask 20 quilters to make a quilt with the block, and you will come up with 20 very distinct and unique quilts.  Traditional blocks have been the backbone of quilting for decades.

I found these traditional block patterns and thought you might enjoy them too.

Log Cabin Quilt

Block of the Month Sampler Quilt

OhioStarJacob’s Ladder Pillow

Double Irish Chain Quilt

Ohio Star Table Runner

Baby Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Card Trick Mug Rug

Modern Drunkard’s Path Quilt

Bear Paw Tradition

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Best Way to Organize Your Threads for Sewing and Quilting

I am always looking for ways to get more organized in my sewing room.  I would rather quilt than clean my sewing room, so having good organization of my stuff helps me save time.  Thread has been a problem for me.  I have some thread on an organizer on the wall, some in a basket in my cabinet, other spools are in bags with the projects I intend to use them for.  If I needed a certain color of blue, I would have to check three or four different places to see if I had what I needed.  It was time to take my organization to the next level with a new way of organizing threads.  And I’ve finally found the solution, the ArtBin Super Satchel Box with removable thread trays!

There are several reasons why I love this thread organizer.  The lift-out trays are wonderful. I can now pull out a tray and see several of my threads all at once. When you lift the trays out, you can actually use the box for a project in a pinch.  And when the trays are in the box, and the lid is closed, the threads stay in place, even if I drop the box!  You might like to pick one of these up for your sewing room too!

Happy Quilting!

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10 Easy Nine-Patch Quilt Patterns

WindingNinePatchOne of the most recognizable types of quilt blocks is the nine-patch quilt block.  We have seen nine-patch blocks in quilts dating back hundreds of years.  The simplicity and practical arrangement make this type of block versatile, ranging from very simple blocks to more complex patterns.

I’ve made countless nine-patch blocks over my quilting career.  Here are a few I found recently that you might like to try. And some of them are free!

Winding Nine Patch Quilt

Baby Nine Patch Quilt

Mod Nine-Patch

nineNine-Patch Quilt By Donna Westerkamp

Nine-Patch Cross

Shaded Nine-Patch

Apartment Nine-Patch Quilt

Daisy Patch Quilt

Patches Plus Quilt

Nine-Patch Fun  Baby Quilt

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Rave Wave Quilt with Stunning Hand-Dyed Fabrics

Starr Design Fabrics sent me this beautiful quilt kit to try and review for you.  I am pleased to tell you that these hand-dyed fabrics are absolutely beautiful!  They make the design just pop.  The placement of the colors is the secret to creating the pattern that seems to flow diagonally in the quilt.

But don’t be fooled. This is not a complex quilt to make.  In fact, it is made entirely of half square triangles which means this quilt is perfect for a beginner. It was super easy to put together.  I highly recommend you check out the Rave Wave Quilt Kit by Star Design Fabrics.

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10 Quick and Easy Four-Patch Quilts

ScrappyFourOver the years I have made a lot of quilt blocks. I usually think of nine-patches when I’m looking for a good quilt pattern.  I saw a quilt the other day that was a four-patch.  And it reminded me that nine-patch is not the only kind of quilt block out there. Four-patch quilts are good for beginners, and they can make a really stunning quilt.

So I started looking up four-patch quilts and here’s what I found.  And some of these are free!

Lucky Four-Patch Quilt

Scrappy Four-Patch Quilt

Four and Four Quilt

FourBetterFour Better or Worse Table Runner

Fat Quarter Four Step Quilt

Double Four-Patch Quilt

Easy Peasy Four-Patch Quilt

Fast Four Patch Quilt

Kaleidoscope Four Patch Quilt

Four Patch Slice Quilt

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